-       Can I send you a news about a band or a concert?
Thank you, unfortunately we are not ubiquitous! J You can send us the news to info@nextpunk.com.
-       Can I send you a cd for a review?
Send us your stuff to info@nextpunk.ch if you have a download link or send a copy of your vinyl / cd to:
Nextpunk Records c/o Rodolfo Pulino
Via Domenico Fontana 1a
6900 Lugano
-       We promote a big punk rock event? Can you help us as media partner?
Yes, we can help you with news, contests, live reports, photogallery , advertising, presale and more..
If the event is within our standards (with punk rock bands at least J ) we can discuss it.
Send and email to info@nextpunk.com
-       Can I have an advertising space on your website?
Yes, we need your money!!  :-) Contact us immediately to info@nextpunk.ch and we send you our google analytics report  and the price list.
-       I love writing! Can I collaborate with the webzine?
We are looking for people that love punk rock and are interested in writing reviews, news, live reports, interviews and photogalleries. Are you interested?  http://www.nextpunk.com/i-want-collaborate
-       Do you accept demo?
Of course. We love discover newcomers bands. So we accept demo. Send your stuff with a download link to info@extpunk.com or send you cd to:
Nextpunk Records c/o Rodolfo Pulino
Via Domenico Fontana 1a
6900 Lugano
-       We are ready to release an album and we a lot of indipendent label records interested in a co-production. You might be interested?
The co-production is for us a simple form of sponsorship. If we like your stuff and we wanna help you we can give you a contribution in exchange for some copies and our logo in your booklet. It ‘s a way to help each other and support the scene. But these are exceptions and you have to know that the commitment of the label is minimal. We must focus our efforts (limited) to promote Nextpunk bands. If you wanna ask u s a sponsorship send all your info and stuff to info@nextpunk.com
-       I have a media (webzine, magazine, radio,..). Can you send us your last releases?
Send us the address of your webzine or a copy of your magazine with your  postal address and email and we will consider you to promote our music and send you all our news.
-       We are on tour, can you help us to find a date in your country?
We promote gigs in the italian speaking part of Switzerland, so if you are interested to play here contact us to info@nextpunk.com
Remember that we specializes in punk rock, oi!, hardcore, ska. So if you play pop/rock or another genre out of punk rock scene it may be difficult to give you a hand.
-       We are interested in a Nextpunk bands. How can I book a band for a gig?
If the band had an agency you have to contact thebooking agengy. Otherwise send us an email to info@nextpunk.com and we will help you to find the right contact or to book the band.
-       Do you still have some questions?
Write to info@nextpunk.com